My Irish Rollercoaster

Written By Hannah Francis - July 19 2016


Lesley Walker
June 27 2018

Such a brave, selfless, kind young lady. What a legacy she has started and as mentioned above, a very inspirational young woman.

Catherine M
June 27 2018

Only just discovered Hannah’s Story, Such courage and strength. Very inspiring young woman. Respects and regards. You won’t be forgotten, as new people find out your story and will be touched and inspired by it. Cancer robs us of too many beloved fine people. One day it probably will be much more treatable, after all, scourges such as TB and Smallpox were once feared..if cancer can be effectively treated it will be a huge gift to humans and animals. xx

Tina Stanton
January 22 2018

Hannah’s story has touched my heart – a very brave, inspirational lady

October 02 2017

One very brave inspirational young lady

Alice and Murphy
August 04 2017

It made me cry and I seriously hope that we #kickcancersbutt soon xx

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