Navy Willberry Numnah/Saddlepads


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A classic quilted numnah/saddlepad, designed to sit up in the saddle reducing pressure over the withers and behind the saddle. 

Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony numnah/saddlepads created by NuuMed to help raise funds for Hannah's Willbery Wonder Pony Charity.

The style available is general purpose saddle design.

All Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony saddlepad is HiWither, meaning that the shape removes pressure from across the withers and behind the saddle, for maximum comfort for the horse. They're made using quality quilt and have the Willberry logo embroidered on one side.

The numnah/saddlepad cost £42 and is available in navy blue:

General Purpose: Medium & Large  

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